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Portrait in Black & White

Posted by
Donna Lee Michas (New York, New York, United States) on 2 March 2013 in Animal & Insect and Portfolio.

w0012R_fd75_082801F_h5_WP_NY :: Another portrait of my beautiful baby of 21 years, whom I had to put to sleep on February 7th. Waterside Plaza, NYC ~ USA

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Latest HEALTH update 11.19.2013 my 25th chemo (7th on new drugs) was canceled today because the tumors in the liver grew by another 50% since august (they'd grown by 20% from april to august). the new 2-drug protocol is not working. i will begin the original protocol again on december 17th, but without the 3rd drug this time. god help me if the neuropathy gets worse; there are no other drugs.

i also crashed my PC and lost my photo editing software. don't know when I can post again.

so sorry to still be missing so much of all your great work on Aminus3 ... but still too often fatigued. a sincere 'thank you' to all who continue to visit, comment and wish me well.

New York City Street Artist | Union Square NW, Broadway @ 17th
~ suspended until further notice

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Ronnie 2¢ from Atlantic Shores, United Kingdom

I never forget the many cats I have owned - or have owned me ! - over the years. Each was very special as I can tell Doobie will always be to you.

3 Mar 2013 8:33am

@Ronnie 2¢: yeah. 21 years. how i miss her presence in my life. thanks.

Basile Pesso from Paris, France

Good catch and mood, and I'm happy to see you !!
I hope you are as ok as possible.

3 Mar 2013 8:44pm

Basile Pesso from Paris, France

95% : I hadn't read.

3 Mar 2013 8:45pm

@Basile Pesso: thanks, basile.

Susan Rose from Georgia, United States

Cats can steal our hearts before we know it. After 21 years, I know you miss her. WILL see her again. Check out this article I wrote on the subject.....
I'm so glad that you're improving!!! YAYYYYY!!!!!

4 Mar 2013 6:26pm

@Susan Rose: thanks, susan. i copied your article and sent it to my cousin who has lost 3 greyhounds. she's rescued a total of 6 already. (Vic. Catalonia) from CAT. New European State, Poland

I'm so happy for your good news. Glad sincerely, but hurts me too much "the eternal sleep" of your friend.


9 Mar 2013 10:47am (Vic. Catalonia): thank you so much,

Jeff from Honolulu, United States

Sorry to learn of your cat's passing. I've had to put my two poms to sleep, so I know the sadness you feel about her. On the other hand, I am thrilled that your treatments are going so well. Keep resting up. We'll be here whenever you have the strength to stop by. Best wishes and prayers.

18 Mar 2013 8:52am

@Jeff: Thank you so much, Jeff, that was lovely of you to say.

Carol from Leamington, Canada

I am so sorry for your loss Donna, our pets become such a big part of our life and heart. It certainly will be strange after 21 years, that's a long time! The photo is beautiful and a lovely tribute. It's wonderful to read that you are on the mend... I have thought of you often. I sincerely hope that things are still improving.... you are in my prayers. We all miss you! ((hugs))

19 Mar 2013 2:26am

@Carol: The prayers are working ... for now, anyway. And I thank you and everyone else on Aminus3 who is continuing to offer them up. Bless you.

Jim Wilson from Malvern, Pennsylvania, United States

What an interesting shot. There's something a little disconcerting about it.

9 Apr 2013 10:47am

@Jim Wilson: Hmmmm ... interesting response. And thank you for you visit; I shall pop by your blog shortly.

Jeff from Honolulu, United States

Just checking in, as I do from time to time, to wish you well.

23 Apr 2013 2:07am

@Jeff: Thank you, Jeff. I'm back from a short trip to Florida and feeling stronger every day.

Basile Pesso from Barcelona, Spain

Me too...

29 Apr 2013 9:42pm

@Basile Pesso: Thank you, Basile. I'm back from a short trip to Florida and feeling stronger every day.

Carol from Leamington, Canada

And me too....

5 May 2013 5:20pm

@Carol: Thank you, Carol. I'm back from a short trip to Florida and feeling stronger every day.

B. Thomas from Arlington, Texas, United States

I'm late with this but sorry for your loss. I know how that feels.

7 May 2013 6:38pm

@B. Thomas: Thank you, B.

Ronnie 2¢ from Atlantic Shores, United Kingdom

Joining with your other friends here in sending you well-wishes . .

11 May 2013 8:30am

@Ronnie 2¢: Thank you, Ronnie 2¢. I'm back from a short trip to Florida and feeling stronger every day.

Basile Pesso from Barcelona, Spain

@Donna : excellent !!

26 May 2013 7:03pm

@Basile Pesso: ;-) You're so sweet, Basile.

Sue-Ann from Quebec, Canada

glad you are back and better. lovely cat with this great picture... bit scary though

29 May 2013 7:01pm

@Sue-Ann: Black cats often are, no? But mine was a real sweetie; she so loved to be loved ... and I miss her so. But, we go on, don't we? What else can we do? Thank you, Sue-Ann.

Ronnie 2¢ from Atlantic Shores, United Kingdom

Thanx for the Update, Donna !!

1 Jun 2013 6:19am

@Ronnie 2¢: I'm sure you're not so pleased with this one, although I made it through the new drugs with only a few scares. I'm on a 2-drug protocol now: Gemcitabine and Abraxane. They each have their own nightmarish side effects. We'll see how I react. Anyway, take good care of yourselves.

Carol from Leamington, Canada

Marvelous news Donna... we all miss you. Looking forward to your return!! ♥

1 Jun 2013 1:32pm

@Carol: Thanks, Carol. Perhaps I can make the rounds, but posting may not be anytime soon.

Basile Pesso from Barcelona, Spain

Donna, how are you ?

18 Nov 2013 2:38pm

@Basile Pesso: Thank you for checking on me, Basile. I have just posted an update on my blog. Be well.

Susan Rose from Georgia, United States

Hi, Donna. I check this site often for an update. I'm sorry the news isn't good. I will continue to pray for you.

22 Nov 2013 7:15pm

@Susan Rose: Thank you for that, Susan. Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving Day.

Jeff from Honolulu, United States

Just stopping by again to say "hi" and wish you well. I will continue to pray for your recovery. I admire your courage.

3 Dec 2013 8:42am

@Jeff: Thanks for that, Jeff. Happy Holidays to you and yours.

Lilly and Ronnie 2¢ from Atlantic Shores, United Kingdom

Including you in our thoughts and prayers at this Special Time, Donna . . want you to know that.

25 Dec 2013 5:25am

@Lilly and Ronnie 2¢: Bless you for that, Lilly and Ronnie 2¢. Best to you and yours in the New Year.

Jeff from Honolulu, United States

Just popping by to wish you well and let you know I am thinking of you.

8 Feb 2014 9:20am

@Jeff: kind of you to keep coming by, when i haven't posted anything new in so long. hey, jeff, is the sizemore who now plays for the ny yankees realated to you? it's not a common name.

Basile Pesso from Barcelona, Spain

Hi Donna,
As I'm seeing that you've answered quite recently to other messages, and that your blog is in A+, I think that maybe things are doing quite ok. So...I don't know if I can say "happy new year" but maybe just "hello" and also, I see the news about your cat...and I'm sorry for that too.

15 Feb 2014 8:48pm

Donna Lee Michas from New York, New York, United States

thank you for the drop by, basile.

yeah, i lost my cat a year ago already. isn't that amazing? they gave me 11 months to live in october 2012 ... and i've just entered my 19th month. a true miracle. it's been a very rough year so far, however. so feeble. so fatigued. no taste buds. not eating. feeds cycle of fatigue and feebleness. ready to throw in the towel this past week. then discovered my anti-depression / appetite stimulant pills. forgot i had them. much better in just the past 2 days. ready for my 31st chemo this tuesday.

what do you mean my blog is in A+?

10 Mar 2014 3:15am

Jeff from Honolulu, United States

Hi Donna,

Just paying a visit again. To answer your question, that Sizemore is no known relation of mine. I have to add, though, that most of the people with this family name come from the same part of the country, so there may be a connection many generations back. They/we have reportedly been here since the 1600s, although who knows?

Hope you are getting on better.

11 Mar 2014 9:42am

Lilly and Ronnie 2¢ from Atlantic Shores, United States

Just to let you know you are in our thoughts this Easter, Donna.
BTW, reference above to 'A+' relates to your blog being in the upgraded/subscription format as described and demo'd here.

18 Apr 2014 5:37am

Jeff from Honolulu, United States

Just stopping by again to wish you a happy holiday season. I've no idea if you ever get online or not, but on the off chance that you do at some point, just letting you know I've been thinking of you...and your many fine photographs. Best wishes, Donna.

27 Dec 2014 6:45am

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